Archiver émerger


Entretiens, conversations, paroles, portraits, traces, fragments, projets, plans. Marcher, représenter, mémoriser, oublier. Qui représente qui? Etre soi, être qui, être portrait, être archive, être projet, être ville, être image, être lieu. Converser, archiver, désarchiver, défragmenter, fragmenter. Restituer. Redisposer.

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Archive/installation/sculpture/performance with pictures coming from the documentation of Medea’s Visions, a performance by Alessia Siniscalchi and Kulturscio’k live art collective. The archive is engraved in blocks of printed papers/photographs bound with a plastic ribbon coming from an on-line low cost printer. The ribbon is fragile and can be easily broken. Blocks have different sizes and weights.

Credits :
Video : Maria Mazzella
Music : Phil. St George

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