Chouf Chouf Shebab


Chouf Chouf Chebab results from two different trips to Israel/Palestine, collecting football stories for the Mucem Museum in Marseille. Going trough the spaces of those non neutral spaces, guided by young and less young people, photography engages with the complexity of places, of people, of people talking, of people showing, of landscapes marked by stories and history.

Archiver émerger


Entretiens, conversations, paroles, portraits, traces, fragments, projets, plans. Marcher, représenter, mémoriser, oublier. Qui représente qui? Etre soi, être qui, être portrait, être archive, être projet, être ville, être image, être lieu. Converser, archiver, désarchiver, défragmenter, fragmenter. Restituer. Redisposer.

Dust of days


Dust of days : peripheral youth archive.

A personal archive based documentary series about Naples ad youth from the hinterland at the time of the first Berlusconi political wave in Italy : 1996-2001.
Personal archive step 1: emerging matter.

Intra muros/hors les murs


You love suburb theatre, always hoping not to come across a chav.
Décrivez votre projet pour préparer votre entretien personnalisé avec un chasseur immobilier spécialisé sur votre zone de recherche.

Arrêts fréquents


He said : there are just stations out of a train’s window. He meant, in a negative horizon, that there was nothing to see, which is precisely absolutely positive to me: a complete abstraction.