Stage photography as performative act + collective path planning + field recording. The video footage show chronologically every single photo shot during the week of residency at Kulturfactory contemporary international residency for the performance Oreste will be back. Gestures producing photos are influenced by the space composition: live music by Phil St George, other bodies (Alessia Siniscalchi, Paul Spera, Alessandra Guazzini, Benjamin Sillon, Maria Anzivino, Federica Clarizia, Marcella Martusciello, Imma Di Lillo, Maria Mazzella), field sounds, voices and speeches, lights performed by Benjamin Sillon and by other people, architectures, objects, trees, plants, soils. Oreste will be back also features images form my work Ius Soli and from Opus Incertum. Credits : Music is composed by Phil St. George. Oreste will be back

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