Opus Incertum


Opus incertum, the healing process : my journal painted directly on the wall. Covering and erasing and writing, and then re-writing and re-erasing.

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The Sibyl Sessions project (working title) is an on going work by Alessia Siniscalchi and her collective Kulturscio’k. The tragedy, the myth, the oracles, the prophets. A theater where the text is reduced, summarized, destroyed, to take advantage of the creations where image, sound, effects, art, radical technological inventions, exacerbated and extreme, become a pretext to tell the present, the past, the future. Or to glimpse what we don’t want to know about the human condition. Sibyl oracle prophet? In this work, started on the basis of a collective residency in a theatre in Paris during the first week of March 2021, I write prophecies, responses and pronouncement as Instagram Stories. Beyond the artists working with Kulturscio’k on a regular basis, I invited to join german artist Julia Liedel to interact with my writing. All pictures : © Roberto Di Mola.

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