Monument to Thomas Hirschhorn Chapter one. La sciarpata.Three documentary pieces, three commentaries on art, three commentaries on ultras aesthetics. Three scarves. Press Pack  Since I am an image maker always trying to understand the nature of images as well as why and how images are art, Thomas Hirschhorn works and texts have always been to me moments of revelation. During years, I have been collecting his printed paratexts at his exhibitions, as documentary pieces, as artworks, as essays, de facto, building up an informal home monument but also an hand made tool helping me in the everyday effort of living and surviving as an artist, in other words, to process the idea of doing art. Taking advantage of the Football scarf group show at Oof Gallery – the football scarf being the monument to a fandom – I wrote the first chapter of a monument to T. H. Using three of my favourites quotes : No technical skills, Moments of grace, Energy: Yes! Quality: no! They open up, to me, in the most synthetic way, an enormous range of observations and thoughts on my personal art practice, on art itself, and, last but not least, on football supporters aesthetics, peculiarly on…

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Ultras Youth


Ultras Youth : a documentary photo collection on Ultras groups, in Europe, Africa and Asia.
An international portrait of youth involved in a long-going youth movement.

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