Prophecies and pronouncements in Sibyl Sessions by  Kulturscio’k live art collective at Museo della Moda di Napoli. Open dress rehearsals Thu Jun 30th, Fri July 1st, Sun July 3rd 2022 Prophecies and pronouncements is a three chapters series of texts screened and played by performers inside Sibyl Sessions, third step of a trilogy on myths directed by Alessia Siniscalchi: The distant memory of a red/green past imprinted with super 8 film and acridly sweet images from 1960’s Hollywood. A digital, Whatsapp present where human contact is still possible, where live stories proliferate over social networks. A completely virtual, dystopian future where we are prisoners of a technological helmet, self-obsession and individualism, disrupting everything we try to remember about ourselves.     In first chapter, Out of date prophecies, I re-use and slightly re-write letters from CEOS and general marketing texts stating how important is, after George Floyd death, to promote human rights and to prevent injustice.   In the second chapter, following the flow of guru’s, handcrafted experts, theorists with any scientific culture which are now populating our connectivity based society, I offer mundane and non sibylline pronouncements: Killing kills.   The third chapter is a series of anxiolytic prophecies coming form my work Submit!, analysing the marketing literature aiming to intercept a huge reservoir of potential buyers: artists. They…

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Just released a new up to date version of Dust of days digital book. The digital book is one possible state of this series of photographs. they actually embody on a mix of digital printing on fine arts papers, rizography prints and and handmade rizo transfer.

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Dust of days


Dust of days : peripheral youth archive.

A personal archive based documentary series about Naples ad youth from the hinterland at the time of the first Berlusconi political wave in Italy : 1996-2001.
Personal archive step 1: emerging matter.

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