A selection of Ultras Youth with @sebastienlouiswriter is now on show at Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities of Stockholm @medelhavsmuseet in a brilliantly curated exhibition on #football and #politics, among brilliant installations by researchers and image makers. Starting from the collection We need no education (North Africa and Asia), the installation tells about strategies and ploys of ultras groupes to stay afloat in their societies: I can’t breathe, I do want to breathe, I try to breathe, how do I breathe? Ultras groups as a destituent power? It is clear enough that ultras are not a classic political subject, no category seems to be appropriate to define their way to stay afloat in their societies. They are not feminist, not right wing, not left wing, not extra parliament, they are not anarchist, they are not libertarian, they are not progressive, but certainly one cannot say they are reactionary. They are just ultras. And no one can deny their ability to get into the public scene. The installation is based on light boxes and framed pictures, with videos and original objects.   Press : Medelhavsmuseet visar intressant utställning om fotbollskultu  

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