Giovanni Ambrosio. 

Visual artist. Photographer.

Born in Naples, 1978. Based in Paris/Napoli.


In Naples, I first studied literature and I was initiated into photography from a perspective marked by documentary narrative, later in Paris I went into cinema and contemporary art and photography studies.

As associate artist, with theatre and performance artists groups and individuals, I am engaged in a performative and documentary practice of stage photography. 

I run a digital publishing house called Arroz con Pollo. Bits con Papel and a dreamy digital art gallery, Arroz con pollo II. 

With researcher Sébastien Louis, I tell about football passion and Ultras supporters cultures in the world. 

My commissioned works can also, and sometimes simultaneously, lead me to work as art director, photographer, writer and graphic designer. 


My body of works is  based on photography, minimalist painting, gesture, papers, objects, writing, found writing footage, video, walking, performance writing, digital composition, sounds and music. Photography can eventually step in to gather all those elements into sedimented mixed media. Photography is cheaper than neon and can always be fully reshaped.

My creative process goes as a constant accumulation, as a way of collecting materials that I could constantly use and reuse, rearrange embody and reincarnate. That leads me to mainly work on site specific installations. I do intended my whole works as a score.

My visual literacy has been priorly shaped by paintings in the church and later by Oliviero Toscani and Benetton’s huge format advertisings in public spaces. Commercial broadcasters’ culture during eighties and ninety had a strong impact on my personal visual field. My favorite poets are writers are copywriters. 

Main themes issuing from my works : erasing, archive, archaeology, ability of images to describe and to tell, migration of shapes and materials, journal, relationship between art and society.

On this site there’s no specified format, production year, type of matter. A website is already itself a shape and a place where matters are processed. A place of exhibition.